The 1961 BLOGATHON – Da Big Finish

We’ve had a fun three-day run of movies from ’61! So let’s cap it off with


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Bette Davis’ apple a day keeps bad luck away from likable rogue Glenn Ford in Frank Capra’s Pocketful of Miracles, the sentimental choice of Moon in Gemini.


Jacques Demy’s characters search endlessly for happiness in his poignant debut film Lola, as critiqued by Cinematic Scribblings.


And dbmoviesblog observed a marriage in disarray, as chronicled by Michelangelo Antonioni in La Notte.

My sincere thanks to all of this blogathon’s participants and readers. You made my 57th birthday a joyous one, and you didn’t even have to use wrapping paper!








THE 1961 BLOGATHON – Day 2 Recap

As always, our blogathon entrants are keeping us on our toes with their terrific blog entries about movies from the year 1961. So sit back and enjoy


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The Midnite Drive-In brings us an out-of-this-world double feature of The Phantom Planet and Assignment: Outer Space.


BNoirDetour brings us an unhappy hit man on assignment at Christmastime in Blast of Silence.


And portraitsbyjenni brings us the real-life story of The Hoodlum Priest who worked to steer ex-cons back into society.

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THE 1961 BLOGATHON – Day 1 Recap

We received some snappy entries about movies from the year 1961, so sit back and enjoy


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Rock Hudson deals with some unruly teenagers who have taken over his Italian villa in Come September, as reviewed by Love Letters to Old Hollywood.


Thoughtsallsorts brings us Audrey Hepburn at her most charming in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


For a movie about a governess trying to protect her young charges, Realweegiemidget Reviews finds The Innocents very, er, haunting.


God is silent, but writer-director Ingmar Bergman isn’t in Through a Glass Darkly, whose lack of resolution The Stop Button found frustrating.


Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe come to grips with their inner conflicts in their final film, The Misfits, critiqued by Silver Screenings.


James Cagney deals with Coca-Cola and the Cold War in Billy Wilder’s comedy One, Two, Three, whose virtues are enumerated by Caftan Woman.


Whimsically Classic is charmed by two versions of Hayley Mills in the Disney comedy The Parent Trap.


Movierob is less than impressed by Kirk Douglas and Co. in the courtroom drama Town Without Pity.


And finally, your faithful correspondent discusses Stan Laurel’s 1961 Honorary Oscar, as well as the Bugs Bunny-Wile E. Coyote cartoon Compressed Hare.

And there are still two days to go in our salute to ’61, so keep us bookmarked!


























THE 1961 BLOGATHON is here!


Greetings, fellow blogsters! By way of celebrating my 57th birthday on Fri., Apr. 27, 2018, I am devoting this blogathon to movies and movie-related events that occurred in 1961, the year of my birth. Stay tuned for the next three days as a variety of bloggers offer their takes on favorite moments from the Cinematic Class of ’61!

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Stan Laurel wins an Honorary Oscar, 1961


The following is my second of two entries for The 1961 Blogathon, being hosted by little ol’ me at this blog on April 27-29, 2018 in honor of my 57th birthday. Click on the above banner, and read bloggers’ tributes to a variety of movies released in or related to the year of 1961!


On Apr. 8, 1961 — 19 days before I was born, as it happens — in a letter to a friend, Stan Laurel wrote:

“You will be pleased I know to hear that I have been awarded an ‘Oscar’ – Danny Kaye will accept it for me on the Academy Awards show April 17th (TV.) needless to tell you I’m very thrilled – so unexpected.”

Sure enough, nine days later, Laurel was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Honorary Oscar by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for “his creative pioneering in the field of cinema comedy.” Jerry Lewis, a distant friend of Laurel’s and a huge fan of his movies, had lobbied for Laurel to be awarded the Oscar. Comedian Danny Kaye accepted the Oscar on behalf of Laurel, who was too ill to attend the ceremony.

At this blog, I have previously written about how sad it was that Laurel and several other movie comedy legends were awarded only Honorary Oscars in the twilight of their lives, rather than “legitimate” Oscars at the time when they were doing their best movie work. That said, since comedy was regarded as a lower kind of movie by the Motion Picture Academy (at least until Woody Allen’s Annie Hall swept the Oscars in 1977), we should be grateful that our comedy heroes were acknowledged at all.

Here’s Danny Kaye accepting the award:

Letter source: Letters From

(If you enjoyed reading this, click here to read my first blogathon entry, about the Bugs Bunny-Wile E. Coyote cartoon Compressed Hare.)