I have a Laurel & Hardy podcast, y’all!


I have been a Laurel & Hardy enthusiast since I was a kid, and I finally decided to share my passion in a podcast. Below is a link to the first episode of my very first podcast, Hard-Boiled Eggs and Nuts – A Laurel & Hardy Podcast. Listen (at iTunes) and enjoy (I hope!).


2 responses to “I have a Laurel & Hardy podcast, y’all!

  1. Hi Steve, I’m a long-standing Laurel and Hardy fan as well, and enjoyed your podcast. I, too, watched them on a kiddie-tv show. I lived in Pittsburgh, PA, and we had access to channel 43 in Lorain, Ohio. The show was called “Supe’s On”, and was hosted by a man in a superman suit, and he applied red makeup to his nose to make a clown nose. He would show L&H or the Three Stooges, and then it would be a creature feature (either Universal horror or a Gozilla film). I quickly loved them, and have sought them out on VHS, DVD, and in the theaters.

    I live in the L.A. area for the last 11 years, and met Randy Skredvedt at least once at a tribute to Republic Studios. I’ve been to the “Way Out West” tent several times as well as the now-defunct “Early to Bed” tent. I’ve made nice friends through the tents, and enjoy the opportunity for shared laughter at “the Boys”. I’ve even been lucky enough to have some interesting L&H materials bought at different auction houses. I have some original Hal Roach studio letterhead, L&H’s autographs, and 2 screen-worn coats of Hardy’s from “Jitterbugs” that I bought at the second Debbie Reynolds auction from Profiles in History.

    All this to say, it’s nice to hear a podcast from a fellow fan, and I wish you much luck with it. “HelpMates” and “County Hospital” are my favorites along with “Another Fine Mess”.

    Take care!

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