THE 1961 BLOGATHON – Day 2 Recap

As always, our blogathon entrants are keeping us on our toes with their terrific blog entries about movies from the year 1961. So sit back and enjoy


Click here for our Day 1 recap. For Day 2’s entrants, click on the name of each individual blog to read their entries.


The Midnite Drive-In brings us an out-of-this-world double feature of The Phantom Planet and Assignment: Outer Space.


BNoirDetour brings us an unhappy hit man on assignment at Christmastime in Blast of Silence.


And portraitsbyjenni brings us the real-life story of The Hoodlum Priest who worked to steer ex-cons back into society.

Keep us bookmarked for the final day of our salute to ’61 cinema!




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