4 responses to “Happy birthday, Jane Russell!

  1. Jane Russell I am still dying to see The Outlaw, His Kind of Woman and The French Line!! COME ON TCM play them!!


    • The Outlaw is available on YouTube, but read my review of it first. The French Line is mostly terrible, but it has an eye-popping musical number from Janie; read my review of that as well. His Kind of Woman is definitely the best of the three.


  2. The GIF is great! I saw Jane at a presentation for Hollywood Heritage around six months before she died. I was glad to see her in person! I love her work with Marilyn the best. I was in a fashion show in L.A. Where we wore screen worn gowns—I wore Jane’s green gown from “The Revolt of Mamie Stover”! It was at the L.A. arboretum in Arcadia, and Michael Feinstein conducted the Pasadena Pops in a salute to Hollywood musicals.


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