Popeye and Olive Oyl in NIX ON HYPNOTRICKS (1941) – A hypnotic cartoon


Prof. I. Stare, Hypnotist (“10 Cents a Trance”) needs a human subject upon whom to work his wiles. So he flips through the phone book and picks none other than Olive Oyl, who is currently getting a cut-rate wooing from Popeye. The prof hypnotizes Olive over the phone and almost gets her in his grip before Popeye saves the day.

This is pretty much a re-tread of A Dream Walking, but a most delightful re-tread it is, with Olive once again traipsing high above New York City, oblivious to her fate. Lots of perfectly executed gags as Popeye tries to rescue his “victim of circum-trances” from the evil “hypnotisk.” In the end, as in the earlier cartoon, Popeye rescues Olive and gets a good whuppin’ from Olive for his trouble.

On a rating scale of 1 to 4 spinach cans, I give this cartoon:  CanCanCanCanHalf