Newly researched (but not by me!) Buster Keaton article

I have an online friend named Lea Stans. I don’t know her age, but judging from her photos, I’d guess that she’s younger than my 21-year-old daughter…which amazes me, because Lea is a feverish Buster Keaton buff. I can’t even get my daughter to stay in the room with me when I put on a Buster Keaton movie.

What’s even more amazing is that Lea has blogged about some thorough research she’s done regarding Buster Keaton’s appearances at state fairs, a topic barely touched upon by Keaton biographers. I cannot get her blog to “re-blog” on mine, so I’m posting its URL and asking you to read this excellent piece, as well as many other fine writings at Lea’s blog, Silent-ology.