Jane Russell Friday # 41

Happy Jane Russell Friday! We’re keeping it subdued today and simply plugging Jane’s appearance with Groucho Marx in the movie Double Dynamite, which is being broadcast on Turner Classic Movies today at 6:30 a.m. EST. Click on the movie’s title to read my review of it, and enjoy!


Jane Russell Friday # 38

Happy Jane Russell Friday! Tonight at 9:30 p.m. EST, Turner Classic Movies is broadcasting Jane’s 1951’s movie His Kind of Woman, so it only seemed appropriate today to post a publicity shot from that movie. Mind you, the movie is a suspense thriller pitting Jane with Robert Mitchum, so I have no idea what this shot has to do with the movie…but you gotta admit, the camera angle is nice.


Jane Russell Friday # 36 (on Thurs., July 9, 2015)

Happy Jane Russell Thursday! I know this is very confusing, as I usually do my Jane Russell bit on Fridays. However, I couldn’t resist covering a very topical news story.

As of this writing, a popular singer named Ariana Grande is catching flack because this week, she was caught on tape in a California donut shop, dissing America and (in the pricelessly worded lingo of the press) “maliciously licking a donut.” Now, Grande is backpedaling and trying to say that her anti-America remark was taken out of context.

To which I say, who cares? I predict that in ten years or so, nobody will even care about Grande, donut dereliction or not. On the other hand, when someone like Jane Russell licked a donut in her day…it stayed licked!!