Got nothing to do this Saturday night? Neither do I! Let’s be two peas in a pod!

On Sat., Aug. 15 at 10 p.m. EST, I join the tweet-and-riff crowd with my premiere Live Tweet event of the classic 1956 sci-fi thriller, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It stars Kevin McCarthy as Miles Bennell, a small-town doctor who is caught unaware when his patients’ loved ones are suddenly replaced by emotionless impostors. The doc digs deeper and finds that an alien species of human duplicates, grown from plant-like pods, is taking over the town. Dr. Bennell soon learns the hard way that there are some things they don’t teach you in medical school!

To join the pod party, just log onto Twitter and, if you’re not already one of my Twitter “followers,” type @MovieMovieBlogB to get to my Twitter page. From there, I’ll provide a free link to the movie via YouTube. When I instruct you at 10 p.m., just click on the start of the movie and follow along. To post comments about the movie while it’s running, use the hashtag #MovieMovieBlogB, and you’ll be part of our group. (Just make sure it’s really you doing the posting, and not your alien imposter!)

Here’s an original trailer for the movie. See you on Saturday at 10!