The MovieMovieBlogBlog Holiday Special Part 2, Starring Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton


merry christmas

Here’s a jaw-dropping Christmas number from Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton’s 1984 Christmas TV special. Kenny prefaces the song by saying it was written by Dolly and is “destined to become a Christmas standard.” Do you even know any Dolly Parton fans who remember this song? And dig those nonchalant people in the church pews. Would you be sitting stone-faced if something like this came dancing through your church? I’d be more like one of the horrified onlookers at “Springtime for Hitler.”

The MovieMovieBlogBlog Holiday Special

merry christmas

Happy Black Friday, fellow campers! For those of you happily holed up in your home rather than facing the perils of discount shopping, I bring you The MovieMovieBlogBlog Holiday Special. Throughout the day, I will provide you with my favorite holiday-video moments for your enjoyment.

First up: For me, the holidays don’t officially begin until I hear Denis Leary deliver his ode to the worst elements of the season. (WARNING: Very strong language and imagery to follow.)