The 3rd Annual “SEX! (now that I have your attention) BLOGATHON)” – Day 1 Recap

Wake up, sleepy-head! It’s time for


Thus far, we’ve received only three entries in our blogathon devoted to movies that subtly depict sex. Maybe our bloggers have to get, er, settled down before they can write their entries!

In any case, Day 1’s contributions are listed below. Click on each blog’s name to link to the respective blog entry.


Realweegiemidget Reviews examines the charmingly ambiguous relationship between Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation.


BNoirDetour explains how Warner Bros. pitted some hot women against Humphrey Bogart to make him look sexier in The Big Sleep.


And your faithful correspondent is still reeling from Carmen Miranda’s musical tribute to the potency of bananas in The Gang’s All Here.

Keep us bookmarked — we still have two days of subtly sexy blog entries to go! In the meantime, you can go back to sleep now…