Jane Russell Special # 47

I used to post photos of my screen fave Jane Russell every Friday, but I quit after I couldn’t find any more unique photos of her. But today, I came across a pic I’d never seen before, of Jane and Victor Mature, so I just had to post it. Looks as though Victor is about to get quite a handful of Jane…




The 2nd Annual “SEX (now that I have your attention) BLOGATHON” is only one month away!


Jane Russell Friday # 46

Happy Jane Russell Friday! I am discontinuing my practice of ushering in Fridays with photos of Janie — not because I’m any less enamored of her, but because I can no longer find any really unique images of her. And so, I leave you with the ultimate stock shot from that mother lode of feminine pulchritude, Jane Russell’s The French Line — autographed by Jane, no less.


Jane Russell Friday # 32

Happy Jane Russell Friday! From her own autobiography, here is the ultimate Jane Russell photo.

It shows Janie sporting a bikini that producer Howard Hughes wanted her to wear for his movie musical The French Line (1955). Let Jane tell the story:

“At the time, bikinis were only worn by a few naughty girls in the south of France; no one in America had ever worn them. [When I modeled it,] I stood before my horrified camera crew, feeling very naked.”

This reads like the account of a very embarrassed woman. Now look at the photo. Does that look like a very embarrassed woman to you?


Jane Russell Friday # 18

Happy Valentine’s Day (Saturday), and happy Jane Russell Friday! The only possible way to celebrate this glorious weekend is with one of Jane’s subtext-loaded Playtex bra commercials.

Here, Jane answers a letter from a fan who has just received a marriage proposal and has nothing better to do than write Jane and ask her for an appropriate brand of brassiere to wear under her bridal gown. Jane helpfully displays her Playtex boulder-holder over her arm and declares it a joy “for we full-figured gals who love pretty things.” From there… Well, you’ll have to take it for yourself from there. I’m busy holding up my laptop with one hand.