A word to (and on behalf of) women


I make it a point to never, ever get political on this blog. But with the GOP and a few million other yahoos spitting in the face of a woman sporting substantial evidence that she was raped by Brett Kavanaugh, I think it’s time to make an exception.

From all that I’ve written on this blog about Jane Russell and similarly zaftig women, you might not think that I have a feminist bone in my body. But I am thrilled for any woman who defies the odds of a male-oriented society to accomplish anything. (Tops on that list is my wife of nearly 30 years who, two years ago, became the publisher of the local newspaper for which she wrote and edited for more than 30 years previous.)

I am sick to goddamn death of ignorant old (and in most cases, rich) white men who get rattled whenever the status quo is disrupted. I do not feel threatened by intelligent women. I feel very threatened by politicians whose consciences aren’t the least bit weighed down about immigrant children in cages, or women who get jeered at or worse when they deign to disclose that political officials or nominees raped them.

There is a mid-term election coming up. Let’s all vote these dinosaurs out of office and get some elected officials who actually care about the future of our country more than they do about lining their pockets and keeping women in their place — a place that exists only in the minds of ignorant old (and in most cases, rich) white men.

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