DUCK SOUP (1927) – Our first glimpse at the “real” Stan and Ollie

The following is my entry in The Silent Cinema Blogathon, being hosted Oct. 24-26, 2015 by the blog In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood. Click on the above banner to visit the blogathon and read an assortment of great blogs related to the era of silent movie classics! (WARNING: Major spoilers abound!) Duck Soup‘s interest […]

Laurel & Hardy in SLIPPING WIVES (1927) – Hal Roach Presents Priscilla Dean

Ironically, Duck Soup, the first movie that showed Laurel & Hardy as a bonafide team, was followed by Slipping Wives, another one of those Pathe alternate-universe numbers. The first anomaly is the opening title: “Hal Roach Presents Priscilla Dean.” Who? If she was one of Hal Roach’s Comedy All-Stars, it’s a good thing L&H hit […]

Laurel & Hardy in DO DETECTIVES THINK? (1927) – Think what?

Now we’re getting some place! Do Detectives Think? is the first L&H comedy since Duck Soup where Laurel & Hardy seem like Laurel & Hardy. This is the first movie where they both wear their trademark derbies — and, as if in honor of that occasion, it’s also the first movie where they do their […]

Laurel & Hardy biographies – Two more

The following is the latest entry in this blog’s self-promulgated Laurel & Hardy Month. Why are we promulgating this? Click on the above image to learn more! (And by the way, go see Stan & Ollie — it’s wonderful!) Still cleaning out the ol’ bookshelf! Sorry if I have missed any of your favorite Laurel & Hardy […]

Reviews A-Z

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