Laurel & Hardy A-Z


The following list is today’s contribution to this blog’s self-designated Laurel & Hardy Month. What on Earth does that mean? Click on the above image to find out!


While I don’t expect the following list to have any significance beyond this blog, one can’t help noticing countless recurring themes and ideas in Laurel & Hardy movies. So I’ve made a list of such themes as they’ve turned up in more than one movie — everything from hostile wives to gorillas. Enjoy!



Academy Award:

– Meanest Hal Roach Studios veteran to be nominated for an: L&H budget-cutter Henry Ginsberg, for co-producing the movie Giant (see below)

– Nicest Hal Roach Studios veteran to be nominated for an: composer Marvin Hatley, nominated for his scores for Way Out West and Block-Heads

– Nicest Hal Roach Studios veteran to win an: George Stevens (early L&H cinematographer, who won the Best Director Oscar for Giant)

– L&H films nominated for an: The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (Best Picture), The Music Box (Best Short Subject), Tit for Tat (Best Short Subject), Way Out West (Best Musical Score), Block-Heads (Best Musical Score)

– L&H films winning an: The Music Box (Best Short Subject) [Stan Laurel himself was awarded an honorary Oscar in 1960]

Ad-libs, repeated (proving that just repeating them doesn’t make them any funnier): “Will you stop crowding?” (Ollie, Berth Marks, while trying to undress with Stan in an upper berth), “What are you gonna do?” (James Finlayson, Way Out West, while he is clearly being tied to a chandelier)

Airplanes, runaway, containing Stan and Ollie: The Flying DeucesThe Big Noise

Amputations, faked/mistaken: Pack Up Your TroublesBlock-Heads

Amusement parks: Sugar DaddiesOn the LooseThe Dancing Masters

Animals not listed elsewhere on this page: Liberty (crab), The Chimp (fleas), The Flying Deuces (shark), Atoll K (pet lobster)

Apples: Call of the CuckoosDo Detectives Think?Sons of the Desert (wax)

Artists: Slipping WivesThe Fixer-UppersThe Flying Deuces

Auctions: One Good TurnThicker Than WaterThe Dancing Masters


– damaged/destroyed by/with Stan and Ollie: Leave ’em LaughingTwo TarsHog WildThe Stolen JoolsOur WifeOne Good TurnCounty HospitalThe Midnight PatrolTowed in a HoleBusy BodiesBlock-HeadsSaps at SeaGreat Guns (Jeep), Air Raid WardensThe Dancing Masters (bus), The Bullfighters (taxi door)

– Ollie almost run over by: The Perfect DayHog WildBelow ZeroAny Old PortJitterbugs

– Sunk in mud puddles: Leave ’em LaughingThe Perfect Day


Banana peels: The Battle of the CenturyFrom Soup to NutsA Chump at OxfordThe Dancing Masters

Bathtubs/bathing: Slipping WivesCall of the CuckoosBratsBe BigCome CleanDirty WorkThem Thar Hills

Bats: The Laurel-Hardy Murder CaseAtoll K

Beans: Them Thar HillsBlock-Heads

Bears: Flying ElephantsThe Rogue Song

Billiards/pool: BratsAny Old Port

Birds: The Finishing TouchThe Rogue Song (chicken), Towed in a Hole (duck), Dirty Work (shot out of the air), The Flying DeucesGreat Guns (crow)

Blackmail: Sugar DaddiesLove ’em and WeepChickens Come HomeThe Bullfighters

Block-and-tackle: The Music BoxWay Out West

Boat, Laurel & Hardy on a: Why Girls Love SailorsSailors, Beware!Men o’ WarTowed in a HoleSons of the Desert (alibi), The Live GhostOur RelationsSaps at SeaJitterbugsAtoll K

Boxing: The Battle of the CenturyBratsAny Old Port

Break-ins/burglaries: Habeas CorpusNight OwlsScram!The Midnight PatrolWay Out West

Brooklyn Bridge, the: Pack Up Your Troubles (seen in opening titles), Way Out West (dialogue reference), Jitterbugs (stock footage, allegedly of New Orleans but really New York)

Bulls: Fra DiavoloThe Bullfighters

Buses, double-decker: Putting Pants on PhilipHog WildThe Dancing Masters


Cake accidents: From Soup to NutsThe Hollywood Revue of 1929Our WifeTwice TwoOur Relations

Cameo appearances: Call of the CuckoosThe Stolen JoolsOn the LooseWild PosesHollywood PartyOn the Wrong TrekPick a Star

Cannibalism: March of the Wooden Soldiers (Stan and Ollie eating the supposed remains of their pig friend Elmer)

Care-givers (Stan and Ollie): BratsPack Up Your TroublesTheir First MistakeThe Bohemian GirlGreat GunsNothing But Trouble

Cats: Night OwlsMarch of the Wooden SoldiersAtoll K

Character actors, villainous (Hal Roach stock company): Mae Busch, Rychard Cramer, James Finlayson, Anita Garvin, Charlie Hall, Walter Long (shown at right), Charles Middleton, Blanche Payson, Tiny Sandford

Checkers: BratsThe Live Ghost

Cheese: The Rogue SongSwiss Miss

Cherries: The Second Hundred YearsFrom Soup to NutsMen O’War (soda)

Children, bratty: Block-HeadsThe Big Noise

Children, bratty, played by Stan and Ollie: BratsWild Poses

Chimneys, Ollie falling down: Hog WildDirty Work

Cigars: Their Purple MomentBig BusinessTheir First MistakeBusy BodiesWay Out WestSwiss MissThe Flying Deuces

Cities, name-checked: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (That’s My Wife); Pottsville, Pennysylvania (Berth Marks); Poughkeepsie, New Jersey (Pack Up Your Troubles); Jesup, Georgia (Dirty Work); Chicago, Illinois and Honolulu, Hawaii (Sons of the Desert); Atlanta, Georgia (The Fixer-Uppers); Pellore, India (Bonnie Scotland); London, England (Way Out West); Des Moines, Iowa (The Flying Deuces); Dayton, Ohio and Milledgeville, Georgia [Hardy’s real-life hometown] (A-Haunting We Will Go); Madison, Wisconsin and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (The Tree in a Test Tube); New Orleans, Louisiana (Jitterbugs); Peoria, Illinois (The Bullfighters)

Climaxes, special-effects, cheesy: County HospitalThe Dancing Masters

Coffee: Below ZeroOne Good TurnPack Up Your TroublesThem Thar HillsSwiss MissGreat Guns

Cooks/chefs: From Soup to NutsTheir Purple MomentPack Up Your TroublesBonnie Scotland (Stan, improvising), Swiss MissGreat GunsNothing But Trouble (Ollie), Atoll K

Courtrooms: Scram!Going Bye-ByeThe Bullfighters


Dancing: That’s My WifeThe Music BoxThe ChimpScram!Bonnie ScotlandWay Out WestThe Flying DeucesJitterbugsThe Dancing Masters

Dentists: Leave ’em LaughingPardon UsThe Dancing Masters

Dishwashing: HelpmatesThicker Than WaterSwiss MissNothing But Trouble

“Dixie,” heard in: The Music BoxBonnie ScotlandThe Bullfighters

Doctors: County HospitalThem Thar HillsSons of the Desert (veterinarian), Thicker Than WaterSaps at SeaGreat Guns

Dogs: The Lucky DogSugar DaddiesFrom Soup to NutsEarly to BedBacon GrabbersThe Perfect DayPardon UsLaughing GravySwiss MissThe Dancing Masters

Dream-motif finales: The Laurel-Hardy Murder CaseOliver the Eighth

Drunks, non-Stan and Ollie: You’re Darn Tootin’Scram!Our RelationsThe Big Noise

Drunk scenes (L&H):

– Stan and Ollie: BlottoScram!Them Thar HillsThe Fixer-Uppers

– Stan only: Fra DiavoloThe Bohemian GirlSwiss MissA Chump at OxfordThe Bullfighters

– Ollie only: Early to Bed

Dual roles: BratsTwice TwoOur RelationsThe Bullfighters (Stan only)

Ducks: Towed in a HoleDirty Work


Egg-breaking: The Hollywood Revue of 1929Hollywood PartyThe Live GhostTit for TatThe Bullfighters

Employment agencies: From Soup to NutsDouble WhoopeeA Chump at OxfordNothing But Trouble

Executions, attempted, of Stan and Ollie: Fra DiavoloBonnie ScotlandThe Flying DeucesAtoll K


Fake money, Stan and Ollie duped by: Hollywood PartySwiss MissA-Haunting We Will Go

Feathers: March of the Wooden SoldiersSwiss MissGreat GunsThe Dancing Masters (feather duster)

Female form, observation of the: Hats OffPutting Pants on Philip (Stan), From Soup to Nuts (Ollie), Hog Wild (Stan)

Female impersonations (Stan): Duck SoupWhy Girls Love SailorsThat’s My WifeAnother Nice MessA Chump at OxfordJitterbugs

Female impersonations, two persons dressed as one woman: Sugar DaddiesChickens Come Home

Fertilizer: Beau HunksChickens Come HomeAir Raid Wardens


– Color (not colorized): The Rogue SongThe Tree in a Test Tube

– “First” (shorts that were, for various reasons, cited as Laurel & Hardy’s “official” first film): The Lucky DogDuck SoupPutting Pants on Philip

– Missing: Now I’ll Tell One (first half), Hats OffThe Battle of the Century (middle portion), The Rogue Song

– With four-letter words: The Perfect DayPardon Us

– With future famous actors/actresses: Sailors, Beware! (Lupe Velez), Bacon Grabbers and Double Whoopee (Jean Harlow), The Hollywood Revue of 1929 (Jack Benny), A Chump at Oxford (Peter Cushing), Great Guns (Alan Ladd), Jitterbugs (Vivian Blaine), The Dancing Masters (Robert Mitchum)

Film titles, recycled: Their First Mistake (originally the working title for Pardon Us), Jitterbugs (originally the working title for Saps at Sea)

Fire: Pardon Us (alternate ending), One Good TurnHelpmates

Fish: Towed in a Hole (referenced in song by Ollie), Dirty WorkBonnie ScotlandThe Big Noise

Flirting, unrequited (Ollie): Sailors, Beware!Putting Pants on PhilipWay Out WestThe Flying Deuces

Flour: HelpmatesGreat GunsAtoll K

Food fights: Their Purple MomentThe Battle of the CenturyThe Hoose-Gow

Foods, inedible, eaten by Stan and Ollie: wax apple (Stan only, Sons of the Desert), invisible soup and water (Oliver the Eighth), flower (Stan only, Thicker Than Water), hat (Way Out West), “synthetic” meal (Saps at Sea), food “capsules” (The Big Noise), invisible drink (Stan only, Atoll K)

Freak endings: (Click here to see our blog’s entry about this topic)

Freak endings administered by Walter Long: Going Bye-ByeThe Live Ghost



– Finger- , mastered only by Stan: Fra DiavoloThe Bohemian Girl

– Not listed elsewhere on this page: dice (Sailors, Beware!), jigsaw puzzle (Me and My Pal), pee-wees (March of the Wooden Soldiers)

Garbage/trash cans: Night OwlsPack Up Your TroublesBonnie Scotland

Ghosts: The Live GhostA Chump at Oxford

Goats: Flying ElephantsAngora LoveSaps at Sea

Gorillas: The ChimpSwiss Miss

Gout: The Perfect DayThem Thar Hills


Hangovers: Sugar DaddiesHelpmates

Harlow, Jean (photo only): BratsBeau Hunks

Hat, Ollie’s, as a source of gags: Hog WildBe BigThe Music BoxWay Out West

Hat-blowing trick (Stan): Towed in a HoleBonnie Scotland

High-and-mighty (dangerous height) scenes: LibertyHog WildCounty HospitalBusy BodiesThe Flying DeucesSaps at SeaNothing But Trouble

Hitch-hiking: On the Wrong TrekWay Out West

Homosexuality, latent (themes): LibertyTheir First MistakeJitterbugs

Horse costume (Stan and Ollie): Another Fine MessThe Chimp

Horses, actual: Wrong AgainThe Rogue SongThe Music BoxFra DiavoloWay Out WestGreat Guns (See also Reincarnations, animal [Ollie])

Hospitals: County HospitalThicker Than WaterThe Dancing Masters


Ice cream: Men o’ WarCome CleanTwice Two

Inheritances: Early to BedThat’s My WifeThe Laurel-Hardy Murder CaseLaughing Gravy (alternate ending), Way Out West

Insects: With Love and Hisses (bees), The Rogue Song (flies), Our Wife (flies), The Chimp (fleas), Bonnie Scotland (hornets)

Instruments, run over: You’re Darn Tootin’Below Zero


Jail/prison: The Second Hundred YearsThe Hoose-GowPardon UsPack Up Your Troubles (Army guardhouse), Bonnie ScotlandOur RelationsThe Flying DeucesSaps at SeaA-Haunting We Will Go (first scene), Nothing But Trouble

Jewelry: locket (Bohemian GirlWay Out West), ring (Our RelationsThe Flying Deuces)


Kennedy, Edgar, as a copThe Finishing TouchLeave ’em LaughingUnaccustomed as We AreNight Owls

Kiss, Stan overwhelmed by a: The Fixer-UppersThe Bullfighters

Kitchens, exploding: Unaccustomed As We AreHelpmatesBlock-HeadsSaps at Sea


Landlords/landladies, hostile: Leave ’em LaughingYou’re Darn Tootin’Early to Bed (if you count Ollie as the “landlord”), They Go BoomAngora LoveLaughing GravyThe ChimpFra DiavoloMarch of the Wooden SoldiersThicker than WaterBonnie ScotlandThe Dancing Masters

Laughing scenes (Stan and Ollie): Leave ’em LaughingBlottoScram!Fra DiavoloWay Out West (Stan only), Great Guns

Laundry: HelpmatesOne Good TurnBonnie ScotlandWay Out WestThe Flying Deuces

Laurel & Hardy as “themselves”: Pick a StarThe Tree in a Test Tube

Lawyers: Bonnie ScotlandAtoll K

Lawyers played by Stan: Sugar DaddiesNow I’ll Tell One

Laurel & Hardy-impersonation films, ill-advised: Another Nice MessThe New Adventures of Laurel & Hardy: For Love or Mummy

Legal issues: Pack Up Your TroublesTheir First Mistake, Our RelationsWay Out West

Lingerie displayed by L&H co-stars:

– Harlow, Jean: Double Whoopee (at right)

– Todd, Thelma: Unaccustomed as We AreOn the Loose

Lions: The ChimpHollywood PartyA-Haunting We Will GoNothing But TroubleAtoll K

Lockets: The Bohemian GirlWay Out West

Lodges: Sons of the DesertOur Relations


Magic acts: The Hollywood Revue of 1929A-Haunting We Will Go

Magic, “white” (Stan doing impossible things): Way Out WestBlock-HeadsGreat GunsA-Haunting We Will GoAtoll K

Marriages, attempted: Sugar DaddiesOur WifePack Up Your TroublesAny Old PortMe and My PalMarch of the Wooden Soldiers

Marshmallows: BratsTit for Tat

Mice: BratsMarch of the Wooden Soldiers

Military: With Love and HissesTwo TarsMen o’ WarBeau HunksPack Up Your TroublesBonnie ScotlandBlock-HeadsThe Flying DeucesGreat Guns

Milk: Their First MistakeWild PosesGoing Bye-ByeThe Flying Deuces

Mirrors: Hog Wild (Ollie), Helpmates (Ollie), Their First Mistake (Stan), Great Guns (Stan)

Monkeys: The ChimpDirty WorkSwiss Miss

Mortality: The Midnight PatrolThe Live GhostThe Flying Deuces

Musical numbers (Stan and Ollie): BratsPardon UsWay Out WestSwiss MissThe Flying Deuces

Musicians (Stan and Ollie): You’re Darn Tootin’Berth MarksBelow ZeroOur Relations (Stan on horn), Pick a StarSwiss MissThe Flying Deuces (Stan on bedsprings), Saps at Sea (Stan on horn), Jitterbugs


Nudity, near-: With Love and Hisses (Stan and Ollie), Call of the Cuckoos (Max Davidson), Double Whoopee (Jean Harlow)


Ocean liners, fictional: Sailors BewarePutting Pants on Philip (S.S. Miramar), Sons of the Desert (S.S. Luwanna and S.S. Meewana, Honolulu Steamship Company)

Ocean liners, real: Blockheads (RMS Mauretainia, Cunard Line), A Chump at Oxford (RMS Queen Mary, Cunard Line), Nothing But Trouble (S.S. Ile de France, French Line)


 – As an upper-class citizen: Early to BedChickens Come HomeMe and My Pal

– As a pawn in a jealousy plot: The Fixer-UppersSwiss Miss

– Getting married: Our WifeMe and My PalOliver the Eighth

– In politics: mayoral candidate (Chickens Come Home), island president (Atoll K)


Paint, wet: Habeas CorpusThe Second Hundred YearsThe Hoose-GowTowed in a HoleMarch of the Wooden SoldiersThe Big Noise

Parades, Stan and Ollie in: Beau HunksPack Up Your TroublesSons of the DesertBonnie ScotlandThe Flying DeucesGreat Guns

Pens, malfunctioning: The Battle of the CenturyDouble WhoopeeChickens Come Home (dry), Any Old PortThe Music BoxThe Flying Deuces (dry)

Phone conversations (Stan and Ollie): BlottoChickens Come HomeHelpmatesTwice TwoThe Fixer-Uppers

Phone numbers (Stan): BlottoHelpmatesBeau Hunks [Trivia: Stan Laurel used his current, real-life phone number in these movies]

Photographers, professional: The Battle of the CenturyThe Stolen JoolsPardon UsWild PosesHollywood PartyBlock-HeadsA Chump at Oxford

Pianos: Wrong AgainBig BusinessNight OwlsAnother Fine MessBeau HunksThe Music BoxWay Out WestSwiss Miss

Pies: The Battle of the CenturyTheir Purple Moment

Poetry, written by Stan and recited by Ollie: The Fixer-UppersSwiss Miss

Policemen, Laurel & Hardy as: Now I’ll Tell One (Hardy only), The Midnight Patrol

Policemen, Stan and Ollie’s encounters with: Duck SoupSugar DaddiesThe Second Hundred YearsPutting Pants on PhilipThe Finishing TouchYou’re Darn Tootin’Two TarsBig BusinessLibertyDouble WhoopeeUnaccustomed as We AreThey Go BoomBacon GrabbersThe Hoose-GowNight OwlsBelow ZeroThe Laurel-Hardy Murder CaseAnother Fine MessThe Music BoxPack Up Your TroublesMe and My PalSons of the DesertTit for TatOur RelationsWay Out West (Western sheriff), Saps at SeaA-Haunting We Will GoThe Big Noise

Process-servers: Bacon GrabbersTheir First Mistake

Professors, pretentious: Prof. Padilla (Habeas Corpus), Prof. Theodore von Schwarzenhoffen, M.D., A.D., D.D.S., F.L.D., F. F. F. and F. (The Music Box), Prof. Noodle (Dirty Work), Lord Paddington (A Chump at Oxford), Prof. Fendash Gorp (The Dancing Masters)

Prohibition: BlottoPardon Us

Punch-and-Judy show (puppet show referenced as a favorite entertainment of Stan and Ollie’s): Their First MistakeOur Relations


Rabies, mistaken cases of: Early to BedThe Dancing Masters

Radios: Bacon GrabbersHog WildCome CleanMe and My Pal

Rain: The Laurel-Hardy Murder CaseHelpmatesScram!Sons of the DesertAtoll K

Ration coupons: JitterbugsNothing But Trouble

Reading glasses: Going Bye-ByeOur Relations

Records, phonograph: Should Married Men Go Home?We Faw DownLibertyUnaccustomed as We Are

Reincarnations, animal (Ollie): Dirty Work (chimp), The Flying Deuces (horse)


– Non-wife: Ollie’s uncle (That’s My Wife and The Perfect Day), Stan and Ollie’s sons (Brats), Stan’s uncle (Laughing Gravy, alternate ending), Stan and Ollie’s sisters (Twice Two), Ollie’s brother-in-law (Sons of the Desert), Ollie’s mother & Stan and Ollie’s twin brothers (Our Relations)

– Stories about (Stan): The Laurel-Hardy Murder CaseOne Good TurnBeau Hunks

Remakes (and their predecessors): Another Fine Mess (Duck Soup), Laughing Gravy (Angora Love), The Music Box (Hats Off), The Fixer-Uppers (Love ’em and Weep), The Flying Deuces (Beau Hunks)

Retribution (Stan towards Ollie): Early to BedOne Good TurnA Chump at Oxford

Rifles/shotguns: Slipping WivesLibertyBacon GrabbersWe Faw DownWrong AgainThe Hoose-GowBe BigBlottoPack Up Your TroublesDirty WorkSons of the DesertOliver the EighthWay Out WestBlock-Heads

Roach family, Hal, cameo appearances: Hal Roach in Pardon Us (in front of Ollie in line, after Ollie’s re-capture); Hal’s daughter Margaret, in A-Haunting We Will Go (walk-on role; billed as Diane Rochelle)

Robberies, attempted by Stan and Ollie: Night OwlsFra DiavoloThe Bohemian Girl


Safes: The Midnight PatrolWay Out WestThe Dancing Masters

Salesmen: Hats OffBig BusinessThe Fixer-UppersSwiss Miss

Sand: The Second Hundred YearsBeau HunksBlock-Heads

Servants/waiters (Stan and Ollie): Slipping Wives (Ollie only), Sugar Daddies (Ollie only), From Soup to NutsEarly to Bed (Stan only), Another Fine Mess (Stan only, disguise), A Chump at OxfordGreat GunsNothing But Trouble

Shakespeare, William: Hollywood Revue of 1929(non-Laurel and Hardy portion has scene from “Romeo and Juliet”), Pardon Us (bust), The Music Box (bust), Pack Up Your Troubles (bust), Me and My Pal (bust), Tit for Tat (quoted), Our Relations (dialogue reference; also, plot is loosely based on “The Comedy of Errors”)

Shanghai-ing: Sailors, Beware!The Live Ghost

Shaving: The Rogue SongBusy BodiesOliver the EighthGreat Guns

Signing the register: Double WhoopeeAny Old PortAir Raid WardensThe Bullfighters

Silent-comedy legends who contributed to L&H movies: Harry Langdon (co-wrote the screenplays for Block-HeadsThe Flying DeucesA Chump at Oxford, and Saps at Sea), Buster Keaton (contributed uncredited gags for Nothing But Trouble)

Slot machines: Men o’ WarWay Out West

Snow: Below ZeroThe Rogue SongLaughing GravyThe Fixer-Uppers

Soda-fountain cashiers (“Soda jerks”): Should Married Men Go Home?Men o’ WarCome CleanTwice TwoTit for Tat

Soup: From Soup to NutsYou’re Darn Tootin’That’s My WifeThe Hoose-GowOne Good TurnTwice TwoOliver the Eighth (“invisible” soup), Nothing But TroubleAtoll K

Sports, non-boxing: golf (Should Married Men Go Home?), football (Nothing But Trouble)

Stan Laurel Productions: Our RelationsWay Out West

Steaks: Their Purple MomentBelow ZeroAny Old PortNothing But Trouble

Streetcars: The Lucky DogHog WildTit for Tat (sarcastic reference)

Stomach, expanding: They Go Boom (Ollie), Below Zero (Stan), Be Big (Ollie), Pick a Star (Ollie)


Taxidermy: Another Fine MessBlock-HeadsFra Diavolo

Taxis: Sailors, Beware!Their Purple MomentLibertyDouble WhoopeeMe and My PalSons of the DesertThe Bullfighters

Telegrams: BlottoLaughing GravyHelpmatesMe and My PalGreat Guns

“Tell me that again” (Ollie’s request that Stan repeat his initially brilliant idea, at which point Stan garbles it): Towed in a HoleOliver the EighthThe Fixer-UppersThe Dancing Masters

Thieves (Stan and Ollie): The Lucky Dog (Ollie only), Fra DiavoloThe Bohemian Girl

Town gossip, the: Their Purple MomentChickens Come Home

Trains: With Love and HissesBerth MarksBe BigA-Haunting We Will GoThe Big Noise

Tunneling as a means of escape: The Second Hundred YearsThe Flying Deuces


Vacuum cleaners: The Dancing MastersThe Big Noise

Venice, Italy, painting of: We Faw DownUnaccustomed As We AreBratsAnother Fine MessSaps at Sea



– Fountains: Early to BedThe Bullfighters

– Ollie dunked in: Dirty WorkMarch of the Wooden SoldiersThe Midnight PatrolBonnie ScotlandWay Out West

– Stan dunked in: Below Zero

– Stan and Ollie dunked in: BratsHog WildOur RelationsJitterbugs

– Thrown: Sailors, Beware!Angora LoveHog WildLaughing GravyHelpmatesTowed in a HoleSwiss MissBlock-Heads (on Ollie, from a hose), The Bullfighters

Wives, hostile: Their Purple MomentWe Faw DownBlotto (Stan only), Be BigChickens Come HomeCome CleanHelpmates (Ollie only), Sons of the DesertThicker Than Water (Ollie only), Block-Heads (Ollie only)

World War I: Pack Up Your TroublesBlock-Heads


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