A funny (and clean) comedian

I don’t watch many new comedians these days — and when I say “new,” I mean someone I’ve never seen before. But Brad Upton is funny and he’s really not new. I saw a clip of him on Facebook. Then I tracked down his entire special, laughed myself silly at it, and then made my wife watch it so she could do the same. It turns out that “new” Brad has been doing stand-up for 35 years, ever since he won a comedy contest.

Also, I don’t particularly seek out “clean” comedians, since it usually doesn’t reflect their real demeanor anyway. (Bill Cosby was considered “clean” for decades.) At the same time, an awful lot of comedians rely on profanity and bodily-function jokes to get their laughs. Upton is funny, and at most, his act would probably be rated PG. If you have 40 minutes to spare (or even just a few minutes to sample his comedy), check out the video I’ve embedded below. Upton’s observations about everyday life are terrific.

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