Monday morning comin’ down


Does anyone else have a hangover every single Monday morning?

I don’t mean the kind of hangover that’s induced by overindulgence in alcohol (although I’ve had my fair share of those). I mean the kind that wakes you up too early and makes you think, “Oooo, it’s Monday again.”

The strange thing is, I have no burning issues in my life. My family is terrific. My job is the best I’ve ever had — I enjoy it, they like what I do, they pay me well, and they don’t micromanage me. And once I actually get to work and settle into my daily routine, I’m fine.

But there’s something about the start of a new week that always makes me mutter, “MONDAYS.”

My only guess is this feeling is a holdover from my teaching days, when I actually did dread another week of being put upon at work.

(I have the same problem in my dreams. I have recurring nightmares that I am at school — either as a student or as a teacher — and I’m caught short on some project that needed to be done. I suppose a Freudian would say I have some unresolved issue with regard to school. But there’s nothing unresolved there. I took my last college course 20 years ago, I quit teaching 15 years ago, and I’m happy to be done with both of those.)

I just can’t figure out why a negative behavior continues to haunt me long after the negativity has been removed from my life. Any thoughts, readers?

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