We are Jaguars — but like us anyway



On the week that I’m writing this, my hometown of Jacksonville, FL is going ape-s**t because for the first time ever, our football team, the Jaguars, are participating in an AFC championship game, possibly to take us to the Super Bowl. If you weren’t particularly aware of Jacksonville before now, here’s a primer on how obnoxious we are (at least when it comes to football).

3 responses to “We are Jaguars — but like us anyway

  1. I missed this post until now or I would have commented sooner… Jacksonville has played for the AFC Championship twice before this last time. I particularly remember 1996 when both Jacksonville and Carolina, siblings from the recent expansion, made it to the final round. And in 1999, the year Tennessee played St. Louis, they were the team Tennessee beat in the final round. Would have liked to see them make it this year. I still think it’ll be a good one. Being a rabid Dallas Cowboys hater, it will be good no matter which one wins, however. New England will have 6 wins if they win (one more than the Cowturds) and Philly, being a hated arch-rival, will piss off Cowboys fans, too. Nothing better than pissed off Cowboys fans…

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