Our New Year’s Eve bloggers continue to shake things up, as you’ll see in


Click here to read Day 1‘s entries, and click on the name of each individual blog below to read their Day 2 entries. (Also, I neglected to include Thoughts All Sorts‘ entry in the Day 1 Recap. My sincere apologies.)


Some friendly strangers prevent suicidal Pierce Brosnan from going A Long Way Down on New Year’s Eve, as reported by Thoughts All Sorts.


Charlene’s (Mostly) Classic Movie Reviews harks all the way back to the silent-film era for a New Year’s Eve ride in The Phantom Carriage.


Noirish explains how, on New Year’s Eve, Joan Leslie gets a Repeat Performance of the past year to see if she can get it right this time.


The Midnite Drive-In takes a look at some shallow slackers celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York City, in 200 Cigarettes.


And Movierob provides a double feature of apocalyptic New Year’s Eve movies: the comedy Ghostbusters IIand the Arnold Schwarzenegger thriller End of Days.

Join us tomorrow for the final chapter of our celebration of New Year’s Eve-themed movies!




One response to “THE HAPPY NEW YEAR BLOGATHON – Day 2 Recap

  1. Oh Ghostbusters!! That soundtrack is still playing in my head since I just saw the movie xD I downloaded it last night and I even paid for it with this: . I only recently began buying films instead of just downloading them for free. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and ownership 😀 Plus, it doesn’t take that long :3 Anyways, this movie is one of my favourites and I’m so happy that it showed up here so suddenly! I’m going to read the previous Happy New Year post now!

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