The 12 Days of Blogmas – Day 8


Once again I’m playing cinematic Santa Claus, rewarding movie and TV clips to bloggers with similar interests! (Click here for a more detailed description of this self-indulgent holiday whim.)

Today’s lucky recipient is Karen at the blog shadowsandsatin. Karen’s bill of fare is primarily “pre-Code” movies — the racier movies that Hollywood made prior to the induction of the censorious Production Code. And nobody gets down-and-dirtier about these pre-Coders than Karen. (She even spotlights a different movie once a month under the heading “Pre-Code Crazy.”)

I can’t think anything livelier to provide to Karen than W.C. Fields’ 1932 short subject The Dentist. Fields’ screen character is always remembered as a cranky misanthrope. But in The Dentist, he even outdoes himself — cursing, throwing golf caddies into ponds, and (in the movie’s most notorious scene) getting a nervous dental patient’s long legs laboriously entwined around him.


It looks as though she’s preparing to get drilled.

For your viewing pleasure, The Dentist is embedded below. Enjoy, and join us tomorrow for Day 9!

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