The 12 Days of Blogmas – Day 2


As I explained yesterday, I am doing The 12 Days of Blogmas here at my blog, rewarding some of my favorite bloggers with movie and TV clips related to their interests. (You should try it — it’s gift-giving at its most cost-free!) Click here if you need further elucidation of my conceit.

For Day 2, I am rewarding Aurora, who runs the blog Once Upon a Screen. Aurora writes charmingly about her favorite movies and TV shows, and she has made it clear that she is a fervent fan of “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” That TV series deserves its classic status, but there is one scene from it that has gone strangely unheralded in all histories of the show.

The 15th episode of the show’s second season, “The Cat Burglar,” centers around the unseen titular character, who has thus far burgled four homes in the neighborhood of Rob and Laura Petrie (Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore). In a goodwill gesture, Rob’s neighbor-friend Jerry (Jerry Paris) lends Rob a rifle and a bullet in case Rob needs to defend himself against the burglar.

In the middle of the night, Laura hears a strange noise and wakes Rob to fend off a possible burglary. From there, the scene turns into a tour de force for Dick Van Dyke to show off his gift for impeccable physical comedy.

I wasn’t able to find the single scene, so I’ve linked to the entire episode on YouTube (embedded below). The scene begins at the 8:20 mark.

Come back to my blog tomorrow for Day 3 of the Blogmas!













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