Requesting help from other users


There are some recently announced blogathons in which I’d love to participate, but I’m a bit stymied. Here’s why.

You’ll notice that, on the far right column of this blog, I post links to the ‘thons in which I have entered. On WordPress, that used to be easy to do. You’d just click on the top left-hand corner of the blog to bring down the menu; click on “Menus”; click on “Widgets”; and then add the banner and URL of the ‘thon.

But like other webpage sponsors, WordPress recently decided that, since it ain’t broke, they might as well fix the s**t out of it. Now when I click on “Menus,” “Widgets” doesn’t even pop up as an option.

It’s the same for “Comments.” Whenever a reader would leave me a comment about my blog, all I had to do was click on the “Comments” option of the “Menus” section. But again, WordPress has decided to change this in the hope that I will never read another reader comment for as long as I live.

Do any other WordPress users know how to work around these bugaboos? If so, please either leave me a comment in the “Comments” section of this blog entry, or email me directly at Thanks for your help!

2 responses to “Requesting help from other users

  1. Click “My Site” in the upper left hand corner, and scroll all the way down to WP Admin. Click on that and scroll down to Comments. For widgets, scroll down to Appearance, then click on Widgets.

    I know, it’s stupid to make you hunt for it, and make it more steps. 😦

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