Laurel & Hardy in SCRAM! (1932) – It was a dark and stormy night


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(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

It all starts rather innocently, on a rainy night. Stan and Ollie are up before a judge (Rychard Cramer at his most menacing) for vagrancy. He gives them 24 hours to get out of town. They happen to meet up with a hapless drunk (Arthur Housman) and help him retrieve his house key. In return, he invites them into his home, only it turns out not to be his home, but the home of the sentencing judge who, by the way, doesn’t like drunks. It was all perfectly innocent — wasn’t it, Judge?

What it is is a gem, some tried-and-true (the getting-into-the-house routine is liberally borrowed from Night Owls), mixed with the surprisingly provocative (Vivien Oakland, midway between her harridan in We Faw Down and her indulgent but uncomfortable fellow passenger in Way Out West).

And for those who think that Laurel, as the uncredited director-editor of the L&H comedies, had no directorial style, I refer them to the final scene, in which medium-shots of an (innocently, believe it or not) drunken Stan, Ollie, and wife are intercut with close-ups of the disbelieving judge’s face, which speak volumes. Scram! plays like a risque joke with all of the naughty words politely bleeped out.

4 responses to “Laurel & Hardy in SCRAM! (1932) – It was a dark and stormy night

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  2. Q: The close-up of the key under the grate, and the fellows trying to retrieve it with the gum+umbrella, looks very similar to the scene in Strangers on a Train where Bruno tries to reach the cigarette case. Did Hitchcock pay homage to this L&H film in that shot?

    This film has so many fun moments, such as Laurel trying to tuck Hardy’s shirt tail back into his pants while trying to climb through the window.

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