HOT AND BOTHERED – The films of 1932 Blogathon

Another hot blogathon to join!

Once upon a screen...

When I posted the 4th anniversary celebratory post on this blog in November I made it a point to say I was swearing off blogathons in 2016.  So, in keeping true to my word I’m announcing the third concurrent blogging event I’m co-hosting.  You see, when writers and bloggers and fellow fans whose work and words I admire reach out to me I simply can’t say no as is the case here.  Theresa Brown, blogger at CineMaven’s Essays From the Couch and a celebrity in our circles invited me to co-host a blogathon with her several months ago, but when she recently mentioned the intended topic, The films of 1932, I simply couldn’t resist and imagine you won’t be able to either.


Hot and Bothered is the order of the day and debauchery the sin of choice so turn on your fans and join us for this titillating event!

Given not…

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