‘Tis the season for fun blogathons. Here’s another one!

In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood.

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What do Lassie, Black Beauty and Rin Tin Tin have in common? They are all animals that disseminate cuteness into a movie and make audiences fall in love with them.

Animals have been enchanting movie-goers world wide for decades with their charm, cuteness and lovable companionship. Whether they are dogs, horses, cats, dolphins, you name it, they are all amiable living creatures who belong in this world and are entitled to a fair go of life.

In most movies these animals possess adorableness that you just want to cuddle them, but in some cases the animals have proved to be downright villainous which make the characters run for their life.

My family and I have always been animal lovers. My Mum grew up with two German Shepherds, while my Dad’s childhood and teenage years were memorable whenever he was surrounded by the many German Shepherds that his family owned. I also inhabit…

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