#SatMat Live Tweet movie for Sat., Feb. 20: WILLARD (1971)



This week, #SatMat reaches back into the curdled excesses of the early 1970’s to bring you Willard, the touching story of a boy and his rats.

Well, he’s not really a boy, just a put-upon milquetoast named Willard (Bruce Davison) . His boss is a hulking bully played by Ernest Borgnine, so you know this can’t end well. When lonely Willard ends up befriending some rats that his mother had ordered him to round up from their yard and kill, Willard starts using the rodents for his own nefarious purposes.

As lurid as the movie is, it’s rated PG and bespeaks of a simpler time in cinema, where even gruesome subject matter wasn’t dealt with as gorily as it soon came to be. Plus, you gotta love the casting. Besides Borgnine, there’s Elsa Lanchester in one of her last roles, and Sondra Locke in one of her first. What would Dirty Harry have made of all this?

So come with popcorn on one hand and rat poison on the other, and savor the guilty pleasures of Willard with us at Twitter.com this Saturday at 4:30 p.m. EST!




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