We continue to cry tears of joy over the enthusiasm of our bloggers’ entries. See why as we present the spoils of


Day 2 consisted of a couple of blog entries related to the golden past and recent present of the Walt Disney Studios. (If you missed them the first time around, click on the blog’s titles to link to and read their entries.)


Silver Scenes critiqued The Reluctant Dragon, Disney’s depiction of his step-by-step cartoon-making process as well as the final product.


And Let’s Go to the Movies gave a detailed description of why she loves the love story of Aladdin, as well as its verbal showcase of the late, great Robin Williams.

And that’s not quite all, folks! We’re still awaiting two more blogathon entries, and then our blog has an announcement about a new blogathon for the final weekend before Christmas. So keep us bookmarked!

POSTSCRIPT – BLATANT PLUG. If you like classic cartoons so much, why don’t you join me at tonight? Every Sunday night at 7:25 p.m. EST, I host a Live Tweet titled Popeye & Friends where I show a half-hour of old cartoons, in the style of the old kids’ TV shows. You can follow along, watch the cartoons, and even comment on the proceedings if you’d like. To find me on Twitter, my Twitter name is @MovieMovieBlogB, and the hashtag that I use for the show is #PopeyeFriends. Hope to see you there!


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