Apparently, when you invite bloggers to write for a cartoon blogathon, you open up a door to their second childhood! Find out what we mean as we review the entries from


Movie Movie Blog Blog has never before had such an enthusiastic response to a blogathon topic; only 3 more entries await submission. We had no idea that others were as eager to chat about their favorite cartoons as we are! If you missed any of yesterday’s entries, click on the appropriate blog name below to link to the blog and read the entry.


Our first double feature comes from Love Letters to Old Hollywood, who extols the obvious virtues of the Disney movies Sleeping Beauty and 101 Dalmatians.


BNoirDetour extols the virtues — obvious and otherwise — of Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘s fulsome heroine, Jessica Rabbit.


Epileptic Moondancer appreciates the trippy imagery of the Disney theatrical feature Alice in Wonderland and the TV series “Rick and Morty.”


Serendipitous Anachronisms enjoys watching Pluto develop a sudden craving for Thanksgiving turkey, in Cold Turkey.


Take the pop movie quiz offered by Silver Screenings, and see how many legendary celebrities you recognize in Tex Avery’s short Hollywood Steps Out.


Monsters lead such in-teresting lives, as Moon in Gemini proves when she chronicles Bugs Bunny’s encounters with orange-haired Gossamer in Hair-Raising Hare and Water, Water Every Hare.


Bugs Bunny strikes again, as critiques Bugs’ adventures in Sherwood Forest in Rabbit Hood.

download (1)

The Movie Rat covers Daffy Duck’s battle with an unseen animator in Duck Amuck.

download (2)

The Wonderful World of Cinema expresses her enjoyment of the rich cats in the Disney feature The Aristocats.


Mildred’s Fatburgers discusses the unique affection felt by a vociferous bulldog for a nonchalant kitten in Chuck Jones’ Feed the Kitty.


Sylvester the cat and his friends have quite a rousing evening — much to the consternation of Sylvester’s master, Porky Pig — in Bob Clampett’s Kitty Kornered, the bill of fare for Movie Fan Fare.

images (1)

Here’s Bugs Bunny one more time — this time in outer space, as he matches wits with Marvin the Martian in Hare-Way to the Stars, courtesy of The Midnite Drive-In.


And you didn’t think the blogmeister wasn’t going to chime in on this topic, did you? I had to offer my take on two of my all-time faves, the theatrical Popeye cartoon The Spinach Overture and the Looney Tunes TV spin-off “Tiny Toon Adventures.”


We still have three more ‘toon entries to go, so keep us bookmarked. And if you’re interested in participating in a Christmas-themed movie blogathon, keep the last weekend before Christmas open on your calendar. As soon as our ‘toon blogathon is over, we have an announcement to make about a new, upcoming blogathon!


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