#BNoirDetour Film for 10/25: The Leopard Man (1943)

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B Noir Detour

BNoirDetour will truly earn its name with tonight’s film, 1943’s The Leopard Man. Produced by B horror king Val Lewton and directed by Jacques Tournier, with a budget of only $150,000, the film makes the perfect entry for the week of Halloween.


With the aid of the talented RKO crew and skilled cinematographer Robert de Grasse, a tale of a nightclub publicity stunt gone wrong becomes one of Hollywood’s first attempts at a serial killer film.

leopard man 2
From the castanets of Clo-clo (Margo) to a leopard on the loose (Dynamite, the same black cat featured in Lewton and Tournier’s Cat People), you’ll be riveted to your seat by the dark terror of The Leopard Man!

Please join us at 9pm ET tonight!

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One response to “#BNoirDetour Film for 10/25: The Leopard Man (1943)

  1. I actually really like this film, but I love all of Val Lewton’s films (except for “Curse Of The Cat People” – films with children protagonists just don’t speak to me). This one, like all of his films, makes wonderful use of the mind as the scariest place. In other words, it implies horror rather than shows the actual gore and blood. TCM will be showing this film on Saturday night as part of the Halloween string of films also.



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