#BNoirDetour Film for 9/27: Pickup on South Street

From the ever-fun Twitter Live Tweet and movie blog BNoirDetour:

B Noir Detour


Ok, so it’s a cold war commie spy film with a thin plot, a low budget, and an implausible love story.

But against that, I give you a thief for a main character whose non-patriotic persona pissed off J. Edgar Hoover enough to complain to producer Darryl F. Zanuck and director Samuel Fuller. They removed the “FBI” from the advertising, but stood by their product, 1953’s Pickup on South Street, high on my list of great late noir entertainment.

To tempt you further, I give you not only charismatic bad boy Richard Widmark in the lead role, but also Thelma Ritter in an Academy Award-nominated performance as sympathetic police informant and blackmailing tie saleswoman Moe.

Widmark as Skip McCoy: "Are you waving a flag a me?" Widmark as unlikely hero Skip McCoy: “Are you waving a flag at me?”

Moe (Thelma Ritter) tallies her small earnings. Moe (Thelma Ritter) tallies her earnings.

And then there’s our tough cookie from the wrong side of the tracks, Candy (Jean Peters

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One response to “#BNoirDetour Film for 9/27: Pickup on South Street

  1. I think I saw this film a long time ago. I remember how strange it was to see a young Richard Widmark as the bad boy since he later played a lot of very moral kind of men. Also I remember Thelma Ritter was great.


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