The hits (and pops and splats) just keep on coming! Here’s the tally for our


(If you missed any of the following blogathon entries, click on the blog titles to go to them.)



Caftan Woman finds laughs in the “setting up for rehearsal” scene of Neil Simon’s The Sunshine Boys.


How Sweet It Was provides the entertaining backstory of the most famous ottoman in TV sitcom history, from “The Dick Van Dyke Show.”


And lastly but hardly leastly, Way Too Damn Lazy to Write a Blog offers a round-up of barely adequate dining etiquette, as demonstrated in a century of movie and TV entertainment.


Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come in our blogathon! We’ll continue to provide end-of-the-day recaps as well (Click here to read the recap for Day 1 [Sunday] if you missed it), so keep checking back with us through Wed., Sept. 23. Trust us, it’s worth the trip!


2 responses to “SEE YOU IN THE ‘FALL’ BLOGATHON – Day 2 Recap

  1. Hello, MIchaël here from Le Mot du Cinephiliaque and just letting you know I won’t be able to meet the deadline with my contribution. Work got me all jammed in my time… I’ll get back and get a good read of all the posts they look awesome!


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