Jane Russell Friday # 36 (on Thurs., July 9, 2015)

Happy Jane Russell Thursday! I know this is very confusing, as I usually do my Jane Russell bit on Fridays. However, I couldn’t resist covering a very topical news story.

As of this writing, a popular singer named Ariana Grande is catching flack because this week, she was caught on tape in a California donut shop, dissing America and (in the pricelessly worded lingo of the press) “maliciously licking a donut.” Now, Grande is backpedaling and trying to say that her anti-America remark was taken out of context.

To which I say, who cares? I predict that in ten years or so, nobody will even care about Grande, donut dereliction or not. On the other hand, when someone like Jane Russell licked a donut in her day…it stayed licked!!


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