SEX! BLOGATHON – Day 1 Recap

It’s time to lie back, smoke ’em if you got ’em, and review our technique in the afterglow of the


As any pollster will tell you, the numbers don’t lie. Out of a total of 13 blog entrants, we had a whopping 62% participation in the first day. This is obviously a hot subject for a hot season!


BNoirDetour was kind enough to explain why Claire Trevor and Laurence Tierney were Born to Kill.


A Shroud of Thoughts demonstrated how an old-fashioned party line (What’s that??) allowed Doris Day and Rock Hudson to engage in a little Pillow Talk.


CineMaven shows how a couple of women could turn Maurice Chevalier into The Smiling Lieutenant in Ernst Lubitsch’s film of the same name.


Outspoken and Freckled convincingly makes the case that Mae West’s She Done Him Wrong singlehandedly ushered in Hollywood’s censorious Production Code.


Ernst Lubitsch again rears his stylish head, as Shadows and Satin lets us in on Gary Cooper and a couple of friends having a menage-a-twow in Design for Living.


portraitsbyjenni brings us another round of Gary Cooper, this time as a loquacious professor who gets introduced to modern slang (and other worldly elements) by nightclub singer Barbara Stanwyck in Ball of Fire.

The Long Hot Summer 3

Defiant Success charts the effects that The Long, Hot Summer can have on a number of couples, including Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.


And last but certainly least, your faithful correspondent chronicles the outcome of Lana Turner and John Garfield tempting the hands of Fate (and each other) in The Postman Always Rings Twice.

And the passion isn’t over yet — we still have a whole weekend left to go! If you want to read the rest of our blogathon’s participants, click here to find out who is left to post their entries. We’ll post a Day 2 recap here on Sunday!


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