Billy Wilder Blogathon, y’all!

Once upon a screen...

Kellee Pratt of Outspoken & Freckled and the famed @Irishjayhawk66 sent me an email earlier this week: “Hey, are we reprising the Billy Wilder Blogathon this year?”  My initial reacton was, “are you freakin’ crazy?!”  Then I thought, “what would Lubitsch do?”  And so here I am celebrating Wilder with a great friend and classic movie blogger.

The Billy Wilder Blogathon

This is all about Billy Wilder.  The great.


Beginning his screenwriting career in 1929 Germany, Billy Wilder would make a definitive mark on Hollywood from behind the camera, both by way of his pen and later as a premier director.  Films written by or directed by Billy Wilder continue to spark debate and adoration to this day thanks to his sharp wit and memorable imagery. Wilder directed only 27 films yet stands among an elite group of seven directors who have won Best Picture, Director and Screenplay Oscars.


These may…

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