The Buster Blogathon Is Almost Here!

Join us next week for the fun!


A little over a week until the blogathon, folks! I’m getting more excited by the day–in fact, right now I am this excited:

What? This is Buster when he’s really, really excited.

Just over 30 bloggers have signed up to write about our deadpan comedian and it’s fabulous to see what a variety of films and creative topics everyone’s chosen. Come Feb. 8th and 9th we’re going to be covering everything from Keaton’s time in vaudeville to his chop suey recipe.

Buster can hardly contain himself.

So here’s the official roster so far (and if you’re a Keaton-loving blogger who’s just hearing about all this, you’re still welcome to join!). Please let me know if I slipped up and left anyone out. I’ve decided that instead of scheduling you guys I’m going to keep it simple. When Feb. 8 and 9 arrive, simply send me the link to your post…

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