A question for bloggers and blogathoners

When bloggers participate in a blogathon, why are the participants so slow to post their entries? I’m currently participating in a ‘thon that is being held this weekend, and as of right now (Sunday morning), less than half of the entries are posted. I’ve participated in other ‘thons where the same thing happened. Doesn’t that seem rude, especially when the whole point of a blogathon is to entice people to read your and other people’s blogs?

One Saturday morning many years ago, I helped out my mother-in-law by trying to set up a garage sale she had wanted to hold. The sale was advertised to begin at 8:00 a.m., but I knew from experience that many customers arrive earlier than the scheduled start time, to see if they can get good deals. Mom, however, did not grasp this concept. When early-birds would roll up, she would actually yell at them, “Go away! We haven’t started yet! Come back later!” I daresay that nobody obeyed her last command.

That sounds pretty similar to this blogathon “late entry” situation. After a while, people are going to get tired of nothing new being posted, and they’re going to quit stopping by. Can you blame them? Imagine if you’d been anticipating the premiere of a certain movie, and when you arrived at the theater on Friday, the theater manager told you, “Eh, the movie’ll be in some time this weekend. Keep checking back!”

So if you ever hold a blogathon and you get a low turnout, you might keep this in mind. Just sayin’.


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