Jane Russell Friday # 3

A lot of my favorite show-biz related blogs have quirky habits. TV writer Ken Levine posts and answers questions from his fans. When he’s too busy to blog, Mark Evanier posts an image of a Campbell’s Soup can to let his readers know that he’s otherwise occupied.

When I get home on Friday, I’m happy it’s the weekend. The best way I could convey this is with a weekly photo of me drinking a bottle of wine, but nobody wants to look at that. But Jane Russell? That, people want to look at (including me).

I’ve already done two such JR/Friday posts, so I’ve decided to make it my tradition. Sometimes I’ll post a video of her, sometimes just a photo. (I “run” a Facebook page titled “Jane Russell’s Bod,” so I’m forewarning my FB readers that I will probably freely crib from that.)

I have been gaga over Ms. Russell ever since the ripe old age of 15 when, in 1976, I happened onto a photo of her in a coffee-table movie book. The photo was of Janie stuffed into a barely-contained one-piece bathing suit, from The French Line. I’ve been pie-eyed over her ever since. Someone will say I’m living way in the past, but IMHO, an ounce of Jane Russell is worth a ton of Kim Kardashian.

Anyway, here’s my JR tribute for today: her riotous number “Ain’t There Anyone Here for Love?”, from the so-adorable-you-could-pinch-it musical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Trivia (or is it urban legend?): Jane’s very wet finale wasn’t scripted for the movie, but it worked out so well that it was kept in. (And notice how those muscle-bound men don’t, er, quite have it in them to reciprocate Jane’s obvious lust for them…)


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