Laurel & Hardy in BACON GRABBERS – Radio for help


With Laurel and Hardy, it seems that the simpler the task, the more unlikely it is to be accomplished. In Bacon Grabbers, a local sheriff assigns Stan and Ollie to serve papers on a man (Edgar Kennedy) who is delinquent on his payments for a radio. The sheriff should know better when it takes Stan and Ollie a good third of the movie just to make it out of his office.

This is Laurel & Hardy at their simple best: Give ’em a task and watch them bollix it up. Their grasp of events is way too elementary to take the long view. It’s all they can do just to get the delinquent notice into Kennedy’s hand. (Every time one of them manages to corner Kennedy, it turns out that the other one has the paper.) And only when they finally manage to serve the paper do they realize that while they’re at it, they ought to try to pick up the radio too.

This short has it all: Edgar Kennedy (why didn’t the ’40s scriptwriters, who were so eager to rip off old L&H shorts, study this one when they had Kennedy at hand for the unfunny Air Raid Wardens?), Jean Harlow (albeit far more covered-up than she is in Double Whoopee), the contentious Charlie Hall, hilarious physical comedy, and even a great “Beanie” Walker intertitle in which Ollie, for definitely the only time in the L&H canon, accuses Stan of having “hot Corsican blood.”

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