Charlie Chaplin in THE COUNT (1916) – Too many silent-comedy counts to count


Oh, Lawdy, another “count” comedy. I’ll just cut to the chase here (literally, almost), because the plot contrivances that lead up to the main storyline aren’t worth the mention.

Charlie and his ex-boss (Eric Campbell) go to a party for Miss Moneybags (Edna Purviance) and impersonate, respectively, a well-to-do count and his secretary. The movie’s funniest scene is probably Charlie and Eric with their partners out on the dance floor, each trying to simultaneously dance and kick each other’s arse.

The low point is probably the dinner scene, which tries to get laughs out of Charlie and Eric’s rude-to-nonexistent table manners, with cutaway shots to the shocked onlookers. This kind of stuff – in fact, the movie’s entire premise – is best left to The Three Stooges.

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