UPDATE: Almost Time For The World War I in Classic Film Blogathon

Want to participate in this weekend’s blogathon for World War I movies? Read further!


It’s almost time, folks.

Yes, the World War I in Classic Film Blogathon starts this Saturday.  Close to fifty bloggers have signed up for the event and will be representing an excellent range of films and topics.  (Fritzi and I are particularly excited over all the silents on the roster, as you can imagine!)

Fritzi has kindly divvied up the participants into two lists for Saturday and Sunday, taking into account those who asked to post on specific days.

Some of you may have some last minute questions:

What if I can’t post on my scheduled day?  Just contact one of us and let us know–we can reschedule you, no problem.

What if I’ve changed my mind about the film/topic?  Once again, just let us know.

Wait, how do I submit my post again?  On Saturday, I will post my official event page here at Silent-ology with my…

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